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" Chapter 1: Sammy and Poppi" is out now!


Have a go at this comedic 3D animated romp of a story!

 In this romantic spinoff to the hit adult horror game "In Heat: Lustful Nights", you play as an office worker whose boss has selected to gift a vacation package to. But this is no mere ticket, as you've earned yourself the premium VIP pass to the island and all the perks it comes with! That is, seeing as his wife wasn't keen on him having purchased himself a meet-and-greet (and possible date) with the island's world-famous monster gals for their honeymoon...

You'll be the one that gets to visit the Diamond Straits Resort and Entertainment Facility, a luxurious island with all sorts of attractions and locations! Mingle with the monsters roaming the island... or not. Make them hate your guts! Find collectibles and secrets that will lead you away from your usual dating sim.

Act vanilla and enjoy a wholesome story with your favorite girls... or risk being arrested or even eaten alive for a goal you yourself might not even know the reward to!

Are you up for the job?

Every .1 update adds bug fixes, extra artworks to collect and extra interactions after you date the girls!

This game is continuously in development and being worked on solely by me as I help with the mainline game, expect changes and expansions to content.
The android version may suffer from occasional lag during animated segments in old phones.
Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Creepy, Erotic, Furry, Hentai, Horror, Minimalist, NSFW


Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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Aquapaulo,does Chapter 3 of In Heat Honeymoon mean the Final Chapter?

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Aquapaulo,what had happened to Poppi and Sammy at the end of Chapter 1 of In Heat Honeymoon and why they aren't be on Chapter 2?

Chapter 2 is for nile and misty


Aquapaulo,who's Pepper?

What kind of bird is she?

Has she got any connections with Sammy and Poppi after the incident at the end of Chapter 1?

Well that's the mystery isn't it?

It could be maybe a chicken.

She wears glasses but she has got the white skin which Poppi and Prinny got.

She also wears Poppi's dress and Sammy's hat.

In my opinion,she could have been different with a new style.

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Damn, a cool game, left behind only pleasant impressions, pleasant humor and an interesting plot make up the picture of a very good and attractive visual novel, waiting for the continuation. I wish the author and his relatives good health В)


Will you guys release a free version of this game


No free... NO FREE!!!! AUGHHHH


God i love Nile

I'm curious has the game been fixed, where the gallery will clear itself out after saving and closing the game down?

For which gallery?
And are you sure your antivirus isn't keeping the game engine from writing to the save?
The engine is writing persistent variables, which means as soon as you see or obtain a gallery CG it should never leave.

It shouldn't be possible that they aren't being saved, unless something's keeping Renpy from writing a file named "persistent" into the save folder.

well the animation galleries for the girls are not being saved original, as of before Nile and Misty being added.

But the game would save the static photos found around the resort

is there anything for maddie at all right now, if so how do we get to it?

Nope, that'll have to wait for the chapter 3 update.


Sleeping is a Bad End



Anyway I can get some troubleshooting help? Started a new game but unable to access chapter two content.

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How so?
Chapter 2 is nile and misty's card in the center when you click to pick a date at the start.
Try just starting a new game, getting to prinny then going back to your save.
If it doesn't work you might have to go to your appdata "roaming" folder by searching %appdata% in the search bar, then going to the "renpy" folder and moving the folder that says "InHeatHoneymoon" out of it to reset the savedata.

i second this info as chapter 1 saves might not being playing so nice with chap 2. when i loaded into chapter 2 for the first time i couldn't select the new girls either.  deleting my saves helped.


My problem was that whenever i would try to select the cards for chapter 2, it wouldn't responed. Like I could still leave the menu and move around but couldn't select them. Still, trying out your fix now!

yup sounds like the exact issue i had. i hope the fix works for you!



much LOVE


Thank you very much! Am feeling a bit better yea!

Loved it!

Sorry if I sound repetitive but is chapter 2 expected to be released towards the end of the month? Also hope you’re feeling better!

Actually expect it no further than this Saturday, if even that late! Everything is pretty much close to finished.

Awesome, & appreciate the fast responses


Am I allowed to eat fungus in this?

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Imagine just stay being able to stay inside the hotel room and just skip interacting with any of the girls and just progress the game by skipping the days by sleeping. And making them mader just because you don't wanna meet them or something. I mean I would have done that(as a joke,MAYBE) but still.

Edit:I'm actually now hoping that you will be able to do this in the game.

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Oh I can definitely do that.

Update: just now finished an ending for that.

I COLLECT some gem and where can i use it? 

If you collect the during or before poppi and sammy's date then survive, you'll talk to someone about them.

I understand if you can't answer this question because it may spoil chapter 2, but will there be any snu snu endings?

Not for this chapter, more death and lore bad endings. Only the good ending will have sexo

Quick question for aqua, why did you make the snu snu ending a whole ass jumpscare

because bad end :O

Will the game be on steam, if yes when? 

It's unlikely that it'll be in the near future, probably after it's complete and has all its chapters.


I wanted to ask you now what are you working on? in the continuation of in heat honeymoney or in heat?

games are made by two diffrent studios, aren't they?

i don't know for sure but it seems that they are...how can i say corerelationship between the two maybe

he is one of the "Assistant Director/Animator for "In Heat"  you can find his twitter page in the itch.io profile

can not, twitter blocked in russia 

hey, If I buy the paid version will I be able to download future versions of the game?

Yup, you'll be receiving updates as they come.

so you're basically saying i won't have to pay again?

No need to pay again.

Is the next update on schedule to be released towards the end of this month?


The chapter became super ambitious and a release date's been pushed back to December, but my health's not been good and the main game's gonna be demanding in assets as well. And since the main game Lustful Nights takes priority over Honeymoon, It unfortunately risks being a January release.


mate, just played it and i love it haha, but first of all, take your time mate, and get well soon!


Thank you! Chapter 2 will have more animated scenes with it involving the girls and hopefully a longer chat with each one.


Sorry to hear about your health, & also don't forget to prioritize your health over the game. it'd be pointless if your working in a not-so ideal condition which could acutally hinder the game more than just taking  just a break. Take a break!


It's a hard thing to balance really, I tried taking a small break last month but recovery was too slow and there was a lot to do. Now I set up a reasonable way to finish tasks in time but there's a lot to finish in a month, let's hope it does work.


I see, well you sound like a pretty smart individual, so I know you’ll find the perfect balance. Good luck :). 

Can you let us get this on steam?

It's still being developed and games at this stage risk being put aside by Steam for being incomplete. Plus It wouldn't make sense for this to release on Steam before the main game releases fully on Steam.

I have heard some people talk about multiple bad endings, but is there multiple good endings or is the game far enough along for a single good ending yet?

There's a good end to the sammy and poppi route so far, a couple boring endings where you fail the date and a couple bad endings.

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One of the Bad Endings literally makes you a Pyromaniac


Hey i meant to buy this one for android but because I'm a moron I clicked on the ad for the first one which seems to be PC only and accidentally bought that one instead, how do i get a refund since i dont have a PC to run it on


You have to contact Itch's support through an email


Just request a refund.

eyy thank u

you should be able to download from your library.

once you purchase all downloads are there for you.

Doesn't help if you purchase the entirely wrong product though

I only purchased once and have access to all three. I dont understand what you did to be limited to only one.


Amazing Game The comedy elements are top Notch! I also love the switch in Tempo where you have the Heart to Heart with Poppi, It was so touching! I cant Wait for the next part!!

I've already paid for it, and if there's something new in the game, will I have to pay again?


no you will not need to pay again


Deleted 22 days ago

Thank you for the bug report! I'm currently working on a fix and will be uploading new builds once it's done, it is an issue with how variables are set but it should theoretically be easy to fix.

How well does the game run on Android?


There's a risk of stuttering and lag on older phones from all the  animations and 1080p resolution.

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Faster than when my dad ran when I was born

Esta Hermoso Este Juego junto al Original

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How long does the purchase confirmation take?

Sorry If I sound too hasty, but will there be an update at the end of this month or next month?


So I'll be releasing a small update these upcoming weeks that adds some point and click features.
I aim to release the next chapter on november!


Can there be a futa/shemale girl in a future update, and can she be a dom?


Don't think so, forget about it


is this also gonna be on steam i wonder if so thank god if not well guess i'm gonna have to wait til i get older to get a credit card i am 20 though so maybe it won't be long


i hope it gets ported to steam if it can't well that sucks for me i guess


i hope


wow no replies interesting


I got you!!!!! Reply #1, let's keep it coming!


okay then i still hope this game does get ported to steam if not well shit


Very good!とても楽しみです。


Pretty good for the first release, congrats on the generally good reception. I found the game short but nice, my only "gripe" is that the game seems to be choppy, for lack of a better word. Idk if it's meant to be, just an observation by me.

Still, I'm looking forward to future releases. Will we need to pay for each individual release, or will it be one payment for all?

Spotted this was on sale and gave it a shot!

Overall it's pretty good thus far, the scenes being animated is a big boost over most other VNs. Just needs some grammar checking and there's a bug where some text segments can repeat after playing... if that makes any sense.


someone getting sued


I work with the team on the main game and was given permission for this, check the Monsterbox twitter.


Anyone found the screwdriver yet

yes, you gotta tell sammy she isnt very energetic, and then cheer poppi up, the screwdriver is sitting on a brick wall behind the robo

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